Earth Day @ UMW

This page is an overview of some specimens we have in our collection! There are 26 notable specimens here that have been collected through the decades.

Some honorable (not pictured) mentions are the periwinkle and stinging nettle. The Canadian wood nettle, collected in 1988, is an invasive, stinging nettle. These stings can last for hours. The most effective treatment is to the let the chemicals dry, wash them off, and use tape or wax to remove any barbs left in the skin. The periwinkle, collected 1927, is a mildly poisonous flowering plant. They were introduced in the 1700s as decorative ground cover and they are now invasive, recognized by their little purple flowers. They are thought to be named after the Slavic word for “first” since they are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.