Claire Reilly

My name is Claire Reilly, I am a senior Biochemistry major and I am in the process of applying to dental school. I think it is important to live life with an open mind to always be willing to try new things. My group’s research project compared the preservation techniques of conifer specimen and cacti specimen to determine the best techniques that can be applied for the conservation of these particular specimens.

Emily Contompasis

Hi, my name is Emily Contompasis and I’m a sophomore here at UMW. I’m majoring in biology and double minoring in chemistry and Environmental Sustainability. After graduation, I intend to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD in Botanical sciences and my career goal is to work in botanical conservation. In my free time, I enjoy photography and I specialize in plant, flowers, and natural scenery.

Erin Guckert

I’m a sophomore from Chesapeake Virginia. I was a biology major when I first got to UMW but recently decided to switch to Historical Preservation! I also chose to do this research because Dr. Wynn is my favorite professor at UMW (of all time actually) but it works out that it still goes with my new major selection.

Gail Crunkhorn

My name is Gail Crunkhorn, and I’m studying Mathematics and International Affairs. I’m also an Honors student and a forward on the women’s rugby team! I really enjoyed working on the Herbarium Project because it showed me a lot about the history of plant collection at the university; also, I learned a lot about Virginia geography while trying to figure out where some of the specimens came from. Overall, it was just really cool to get to be a part of preserving the university’s history for future generations.

Hannah Killian

My name is Hannah Killian, and I am a sophomore at UMW. I am double majoring in chemistry and physics, and I plan to do physical chemistry research after graduate school. I am interested in all branches of science and am passionate about helping the community, which is why I joined the team working on the digitization of the Herbarium!

Hannah Lascano

My name is Hannah Lascano and I am a senior here at UMW, set to graduate in May, 2017. I am a Biology major with a Neuroscience minor. I have done previous research with Zebrafish and am loving the experience of working with the Herbarium. I am also Vice President of both the Middle Eastern Dance Club and the Bhangra team here on campus as well as a member of the Performing Arts Club.

Kathleen Elliott

I’m a sophomore prospective Geology major and became a member of this project through the Honors Program. I chose the project because I am interested in the environmental sciences, and thought it would be an interesting experience. I am a member of the Red Cross Club, CPB, and the Vice President of the Historic Preservation Club.  

Nana Asihene

I am a senior here at UMW (biology major). I am doing this project to gain experience with digitization and cataloging plant specimens, and also to learn more about the plant species that we have here on campus. Fun fact: I am originally from Ghana, I came to the States when I was fifteen 🙂

Renee Brittigan

My name is Renee Brittigan, I am a sophomore that is double majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and Psychology. I enjoy reading, being involved with Aubade, UMW’s literary magazine, and incorporating different facets of my studies into my writing. I was introduced to the Herbarium Digitization project via the Honors Program, and enjoy my active involvement in the project, the school, and the academic community.

Samantha St. John

My name is Samantha St. John, I am a junior here at the University as well as a Rappahannock Scholar. I have chosen to major in biology with a focus in allied health. I hope to be a physician’s assistant, but I would also like to be involved with research both within and outside of the medical field. I am interested in an array of topics such as epidemiology, human nutrition, and plant and wildlife conservation. I spend most of my time studying, volunteering at Mary Washington Hospital or at horseback riding. Being involved in digitizing the herbarium lets me be around the plants I love all while having fun, and meeting a lot of lovely people!

Taylor Williams

I am Junior with a major in Biology and minors in General Chemistry and Neuroscience. Natural sciences have always been a passion of mine and URES was able to let me step outside of the classroom and really get to dive into biology hands on. I was able to meet some great people through the URES program and get my feet wet in biology research. I specifically enjoyed this program because it was a branch of biology that I had not yet ventured into so I found it to be a very fun and interesting learning experience and it helped establish the type of research that I hope to get into soon!